Scientific research shows that a fulfilling life is a life where one is driven by a true intrinsic purpose to add value to the world. An intrinsic purpose is a purpose that fully utilizes your natural talents. People driven by other - extrinsic - motivations tend to use talents that are not natural to them as their motivations are not rooted in the self. Intrinsic motivation leads to energy, passion, happiness and fulfillment, extrinsic motivation - in the end - leads to fatigue, indifference and frustration. We help you find your inner purpose, activate your natural talents, remove dysfunctional beliefs and become the leader you can be.

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There are two states of happiness. One is called ‘pleasure’, the other ‘fulfillment’. Pleasure arises when you take something: food, alcohol, gaming, buying stuff, and more. Pleasure is subject to the law of diminishing returns. You need more and more to get the same effect. Fulfillment arises when you give something. When you create by using your natural talents: making a beautiful table, closing a great deal, creating this website. Fulfillment is subject to the law of increasing returns: the more you create, the more fulfillment you get. The wiser choice. But fulfillment is only possible if you know what your intrinsic purpose, talents, and skills are. And most people simply do not know what these are as they are driven by obstructing beliefs making them live another person’s life.


Our solution is to help you connect with your inner why (inner purpose), talents and skills, and detect and remove obstructing beliefs. We do this by offering you our research-based Purpose-led Leadership Modeling™ method that includes:

  • Our Purpose-led Leadership Modeling Canvas™.
  • The psychometric tests: WhyUare Scan™ and HowUare Scan™.
  • A unique marketplace of certified PLM™ Coaches that can help you design your Purpose-led Leadership Plan™ and remove obstructing beliefs (Launch: September 2019).
  • A unique marketplace of supporting certified psychologists for any psychological issues you need to solve (Launch: September 2019).
  • Our Purpose-led Leadership Modeling™ Workshops.

You can choose the elements you need. The result will be that you reconnect with your intrinsic purpose, talents and skills, leading to a state of fulfillment and joy, as well as a leadership career that is an expression of your true inner self.


Step back for a moment. Take a deep breath. Where are you right now? What are you doing? Are you happy with your career? With your life in general? Are you living your life or the life of your parents, society or any other influential entity? And do you even know it? Or is there just a slight nagging feeling of unhappiness? Based on 12 years of thorough research and using our unique WhyUare Scan™ and HowUare Scan™, the Purpose-led Leadership Modeling Method and its Purpose-led Leadership Modeling Canvas let you step back and examine every logical level of your existence. You will find your natural purpose in life and work; you will let go of skills that are not natural to you and adopt the ones that are. You will remove obstructing beliefs and adopt the ones that help you, and you will make your own Personal Leadership Plan including ambitions, goals, approaches and action plans.


Our WhyUare and HowUare Scans are based on the famous work of the Swiss physician, psychiatrist and scientist Professor Carl Gustav Jung. Jung states that the natural drive of human life is to realize the inner potential. He calls this process ‘individuation’. Individuation leads to fulfillment that includes a happiness state the Greek philosopher Aristotle called ‘eudaimonia’ (Old Greek: eu=good and daimonia= spirit).

Jung states that this inner human potential, as well as the realization of it, is ‘archetypal’. Archetypal means universal, independent of race, geography and time. Each human being has an archetypal imprint of specific drives and talents. The specific combination of these drives and talents and our individual DNA form the uniqueness of each human being. Our scans measure your archetypal drives as well as your archetypal talents and skills. Go to the scans


In our three day Purpose-led Leadership Modeling™ workshops, you will work with our Purpose-led Leadership Modeling Canvas™, fill in the 16 steps of the canvas, find your purpose in life and work, understand your natural talents and skills, bring your life and work in line with those natural talents and create plans to modify and optimize your life and work accordingly. You will walk away with a host of valuable insights and your own Purpose-led Leadership Modeling Canvas. In our three-day Purpose-led Leadership Modeling Coach™ workshop, we will train you how to be a Purpose-led Leadership Modeling Coach™, helping others to optimize their life and work using the Purpose-led Leadership Modeling Canvas™. This workshop is concluded with an exam and certification. Go to the workshops


You can buy and do our online WhyUare and HowUare Scans on this website. If you order the scans you can opt for a PLM® Workshop or coach-support (available in September 2019) with it. If you order the PLM® Workshop, you do the scans and enlist for the workshop. During the workshop, a PLM® Coach will help participants create their own personal PLM® Canvas and PLM® Leadership Plan based on the results of the scans. This will help you understand your purpose, your natural talents and how to maximize the effectiveness and fulfillment of your career and life. If you order coach-support, a PLM® Coach of your choosing will coach you online in creating your own personal PLM® Canvas and PLM® Leadership Plan based on the results of the scans. You can purchase coach-support in blocks of three hours. We also offer you access to a marketplace of certified psychologists and therapists. If any issues arise during the process of creating your PLM® Canvas and PLM® Leadership Plan that you want to take a more in-depth look at, you can do so with a certified therapist of your choosing.